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The Dream of Fairy Tale

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Uraufführung „The Dream of Fairy Tale'' - für Cello solo

Shanghai Hochschule für Musik Cello Spieler: Frau Zhang jin-zhuo


I - Timemachine

A light another A light travels through time like this You can see the future, and the past········To look back, to explore, or to change , Machine's charm is that it was done one after another can not be

II - The Drift Bottle

Drift bottles Filled with hope ,ideal and love Drifting every corner of the world, Perhaps someone will pick it up ,But how many people have it picked up rather than leave it to·······It always confused·······

III - The fish's Dream

Blowing in the sea, There is a so insignificant a small fish which has always been looked at from the sea floor with the sea-rays,Take a look at the sea the world outside,Enjoy the taste of surf in the sky. So,its Pipe dream will come true then?

In the Dream,we can see anything. In the Dream ,We are all-powerful

Fairy tales, it carries the dream of countless people in this detached material and nature, and began its fantastic-journey.

Throuhout the works,practice a variety of Cello Articulation,the mobilization of a wide range of musical parameters such as tone,rhythm,intensity,texture,Enable them to be organically integrated,show the cello’s noble and mysterious temperament,and its unique characterstics of the instrument

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